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How to Craft Your Own Shirt

Craft Your Own Shirt Guide:

Below is a step by step guide explaining the Craft Your Own Shirt, process.     

1. Select Your Fabric:

Below is a step-by-step guide explaining the Craft Your Own Shirt process. Like our Craft Your Own Jeans and Jacket offering the process begins with selecting your preferred FABRIC first and then selecting from a range of different SHIRT STYLES. As of now we have a choice of 10 different shirt styles and will continue to add different styles to the list. Once you choose your ‘SHIRT STYLE’ other customizable options such as Sizing, Stitching Color Choices, Collar Types and Button Choices are available for customization.

2. Fabric Treatment:

A) Raw

Cut directly from the fabric roll without any prior washing treatment. Suitable for raw denims and individuals who are looking for the break in feel or to garner high contrast, patina and fades with their shirts. 

B) One Wash

Our one wash option is a hand wash treatment used to soften the cotton fibers and eradicate any further shrinkage to the material creating a more comfortable wear experience from the get go. A one wash treatment can be applied to all shirting options. If you would like us to wash the fabric before cutting choose this option.

*If this option is left unselected we will choose what's best for the style and material ordered.

3. Choose Your Preferred Shirt Style:

We have 10 different shirt styles for you to choose from. Once you select your preferred shirt style you can move ahead to selecting your size and other finishing details such as stitching colors and buttons.

As per the images below the first 5 shirt styles available for selection are all classic western shirt designs we readily carry with some variations in design. We can accommodate extra variations to each style, let us know in the comments.

The next 5 shirt styles are more casual designs based off our ready to wear shirt offerings. The styles we have available for selection are two classic work shirt designs, a Hawaiian/Aloha option, a shirt jacket (Shacket), buttoned down twin pocket shirt and single pocket band collar alternative.

The choices are plenty. Create what you believe is best for you and the material you have selected. 


4. Choose Your Preferred Collar Style:

We have two different collars for you to choose from. 

  • Classic Collar 
  • Band Collar

5. Choose Your Size:

After selecting your preferred shirting fabric, the next most important step relates to sizing. A well fitted shirt is crucial and that’s why it’s important you choose your sizing carefully.

Please note that the size chart for each shirt style is different therefore it’s important you look at each Shirt Style’s size chart individually and carefully before selecting your size. Once you select your shirt style, we let you choose from

1) Our Standard Sizes S, M, L, XL etc. 


2) Enter Your Own Measurements option.

For our ready to wear size guide, please have a look at the size charts here.

If you choose to enter your own measurements, please have a look at our measuring guide to see how we measure our shirts and measure your shirt accordingly. We will make your shirt based on either your size selection or the measurements you have entered.

For those after short sleeve shirts please let us know your preferred sleeve length either in the comments or in the enter your own measurements option. You may also provide us with sleeve opening measurement if necessary.  

6. Choose Your Stitch Color:

We use quality threads on all our shirting production. Choose from a range of different thread colors to best match your shirt style. A stitch color makes a huge difference to the appearance and desired look of the shirt. Choose wisely. If you would like two different thread colors on your shirt, please specify the additional/secondary color in the comments box. The color selected here will be the main stitch color with the secondary color entered in the comments box. Any other stitching color requests can be made in the comments box.

 7. Choose Your Button Type:

We have 20 different button choices available for selection. You can go ahead and choose from the range of buttons we have on offer. Different shirt styles go better with different button types for example Western Shirts typically go well with Snap Buttons. Choice of fabric also plays an important role when selecting buttons.

8. Additional Comments Box:

Over here you may enter extra details or information for us to go through and review. For example, if you would like a slight change in the pocket design or placement you may enter the information over here. Once entered we will review your requests and confirm with you whether it is possible. If you have any questions, you can always chat with us or write to us via email. We are more than happy to assist you with all your queries or concerns. With all shirts that are different in style to what we regularly offer we will reconfirm all details with you via email to make sure both parties are on the same page.

9. Delivery Time:

14-18 Days! / Free Express Shipping Worldwide! With each shirt cut and sewn in-house we can guarantee that each shirt is made by one craftsperson from start to finish to the best of their abilities. An order placed today will be shipped out to you in approximately 2-3 weeks depending on how busy we are at the time. We provide free international express shipping on all orders. Once shipped, order tracking information will be dispatched to you via email.