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Craft Your Own Jacket guide

Below is a step by step guide explaining the craft your own jacket process.  Unlike our craft your own jeans offering where you choose the fabric first and then select the style, our ‘craft your own jacket’ begins with choosing your preferred jacket style FIRST.  We have a choice of 12 different outerwear pieces which can be customized to suit your style.  Once you choose your ‘jacket style’ customizable options such as fabric choice, sizing (enter your own measurements or choose from our standard sizes), stitching color choice, collar type, jacket lining options, leather patch and button details are all available for your customizable selection.

1. Choose your preferred jacket style.

 With over 10 different outerwear styles to choose from, the first step is to select your preferred jacket style.  Alterations to the style in terms of pocket placement and pocket types for each jacket style can be discussed or mentioned in the additional comments section.


2. Choose your preferred fabric for customization:

Once you’ve selected your preferred jacket style, the next option allows you to select your fabric.  With over 25 different Japanese selvedge denims to choose from you are spoilt for choice. The denims differ in terms of color, weight, selvedge ID and composition (with stretch and without stretch).  We have a brief description Of each fabric which will show at the top of the page once selected.

3.   Choose your Size :

Once you’ve selected the fabric, the next and probably most important step is choosing the best size for you.  We let you select from our running sizes or you can choose to enter your own measurements.  When choosing your size it’s important you read our measuring guide and see all measurements carefully to see which size fits you best.  We also have a page showing you how to measure your jacket.  When entering your own measurements please follow our how to measure guide and enter your preferred measurements accordingly. 


4.  Choose your Collar Style:

Once you’ve chosen your size we start customizing other details, kicking off with your collar style.  We have two different collar styles for you to choose from.  First one is classic collar as per original design.  Second one is a band collar also known as a mandarin collar which we typically apply to our biker vest but can also be applied to other jackets.

5.  Choose your Stitch Color :

Coats quality thread is used on all our pairs we have 16 different thread colors for you to choose from. Mix and match thread colors to see which ones matches your personality the best. If you would like to select two colors on one jacket, specify what colors in the additional comments sections.  The first color mentioned will be the main stitch color, the second color mentioned will he the secondary stitch color complimenting the first.  

6.  Choose your preferred leather patch, button and pocket reinforcement style :

Finishing touches on your jackets can be the make or break factor as to how they eventually turn out. Below are the choices for leather patch, buttons and rivets.  
For leather patch options we have three options.

Natural Cow Hide - Our cow hide leather are sourced from a local dealer who imports quality leather from across the globe primarily Australia, Japan and Poland. Our natural cow hide patch is 2mm thick, which slowly ages along with your denim garnering beautiful patina with time.  The cow hide leather patch is stamped with our full logo providing a more retro vintage vibe.  

Horse Hide - Our horse hide leather patch is also sourced from a local dealer.  The horse hide patch is hand stamped with ‘nama denim’ in cursive drawing a more premium appeal. Over time the horse hide ages well with most of the hairs seen slowly rubbing off.  

No Patch - This is catered to the most minimalist of people who dislike logos, brands, and leather.  It’s also for animal, eco right activists and vegans who choose to stay away from this type of consumption.  We do not judge and allow you to choose ‘NO PATCH’.  By choosing this option no leather patch will be applied to your pair of jeans.  If you would like a simple rectangle or square stitching to mimic a patch do mention in ‘additional comments’ section.

Buttons - For button options we currently have seven different buttons from which you can choose from.

Horn dark brown or light brown

Pocket Reinforcements - When making a jacket it’s important that all pockets on the jacket are reinforced to ensure longevity and durability for the jacket.  The reinforcements occur at the stress or corners points of the pocket/s.  You can choose to reinforce your jacket by simple bar tagging or rivet application.  

7.  Full Lining or No Lining

Our final customizable offering allows you to choose your preferred lining for your jacket.  You can choose to add full lining at an extra cost of $120 or no lining at all.  If you would like to add extra warmth and flair to your jacket make sure you choose our fully lined jacket option.  A range of beautiful plaid and flannel fabrics are available for selection.

8.  Additional Comments : 

Over here you may enter extra details or information for us to go through and review.  For example if you would like to choose a different pocket design for one jacket or change the placement of pockets you may choose to enter it here.  Once entered we will review the extra details and reconfirm with you whether it is as you expect it to be.  All information entered will be reconfirmed via email to make sure both side are on the same page. 

9. Delivery Time

10-14 Days / Free Express Shipping Worldwide!
With each Jacket crafted especially for you one at a time, we can guarantee that each Jacket is made by one craftsman to the best of their abilities every time.  An order placed today will be shipped to you in 10-14 days or faster depending on how busy we are at that time.  We provide free express shipping worldwide, an order tracking number will be sent to you once we have completed and shipped out your Jacket. Photos of the pair will be sent to you for your reference by email.
Ok now go ahead and start crafting your own jacket here