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Craft Your Own Jeans

Below is a step by step guide explaining the ‘craft your own jeans’ process.

1. Select your fabric.

 With an extensive range of Japanese Selvedge Denim to choose from.  Our bespoke offering starts off with one of the most important decisions ‘FABRIC SELECTION’.  When choosing your fabric it’s important to keep in mind your purpose for purchase.  Denim can get quite complex.  Within our fabric choices we’ve differentiated each fabric in terms of color, weight and construction.  Zoom into each fabric to see the different textures and which type of denim appeals to you the most.  All our denims are brought in from the best mills out of Okayama, Japan where the quality is undoubtedly the best in the world. 



We have two options for you to choose from - Raw or One Wash.

Our raw option is our most sought after and is preferred by a majority of denim heads.  It’s denim in its purest form.  We cut your order straight from the Selvedge denim you select,  without any further treatment.  

One Wash/
Our one wash option is suitable for those after a more comfortable wear experience from the get go.  Raw denim enthusiasts embrace the rigid feel of the raw material and prefer to wear them in without any wash.  Our one wash treatment option is raw denim that has been pre washed to softens the cotton fibers and provide a smooth wear experience from the get go.  

Choose wisely, both options will still garner patina and fades.

3. Select Your Fit:


When choosing your fit it’s important to understand what we have on offer.  We carry 5 different ready to wear options - Skinny, Slim Tapered, Modern Straight, Relaxed Workwear and High Tapered. Each fit brings about a different feel and vibe. This is important as it sets the tone for the style you are trying to achieve. If you feel our cuts are not best suited for you or if you are after something completely tailor made. We have an option where you may input your own measurements and we will craft your pair accordingly.  

*For an in depth look at all our existing cuts please read our measuring guide here.
Choose your size: When selecting your size please make sure you enter the correct size by looking at our size charts.  
On all ready to wear options we use vanity sizing which means that a size labeled 30’’ is a true waist 32’’ a size labeled 32’’ is a true waist 34’’ and so on. Only when using your own measurements should you enter true waist figures. When choosing from our existing silhouettes please enter the correct size as seen on our charts. Enter your ‘size’ not your ‘waist’ for our ready to wear fits.  

Choose your length (Inseam): Please enter your preferred inseam length.  All our standard jeans are cut to an inseam of 34’’.  
*When selecting ‘use your own measurements’ please enter your inseam length. Outseam length can also be used but must be specified in the ‘additional comments’ section.

*When inputing your own measurements it’s imperative to understand that all fabrics are woven differently, some are heavier and tighter than others which can result in slight variance once crafted, we are talking 0.5cm-1cm differences depending on fabric.

4.  Choose your preferred front crotch style:

Choosing between a front button closure and a zip fly is generally a personal preference. For denim purists, buttons are a must as it’s vintage appeals are second to none. The durability of buttons as compared to zippers are also seen as greater. On a more technical note buttons are easily replaceable in comparison to zips. One defective button can easily be replaced where as a zip replacement endures a more tedious process.  Our selection of buttons are of a very high quality, all sourced from the well trusted YKK Japan.
Zipper fly guys will always be more accustomed to the zip closure.  It’s more common on trousers today and it’s functionality cannot be argued against.  The zipper wins the speed debate but is more likely to get stuck and undone.  In terms of our choice of zipper it is also sourced from YKK Japan, quality assured.  
Then again the decision is yours to make. Overtime through your selections we will see which style is most popular.

5.  Choose your preferred leather patch, button and rivets.

Finishing touches on your jeans are all so important and can be the make or break factor as to how they eventually turn out.  
For leather patch options we have three options.

Natural Cow Hide - Our cow hide leather are sourced from a local dealer who imports quality leather from across the globe primarily Australia, Japan and Poland. Our natural cow hide patch is 2mm thick, which slowly ages along with your denim garnering beautiful patina with time.  The cow hide leather patch is stamped with our full logo providing a more retro vintage vibe.  

Horse Hide - Our horse hide leather patch is also sourced from a local dealer.  The horse hide patch is hand stamped with ‘nama denim’ in cursive drawing a more premium appeal. Over time the horse hide ages well with most of the hairs seen initially rubbing off.  

No Patch - This is catered to the most minimalist of people who dislike logos, brands, and leather.  It’s also for animal, eco right activists and vegans who choose to stay away from this type of consumption.  We do not judge and allow you to choose ‘NO PATCH’.  By choosing this option no leather patch will be applied to your pair of jeans.  If you would like a simple rectangle or square stitching to mimic a patch do mention in ‘additional comments’ section.  

Button Options:
Please select a button even if you have chosen zip closure. The button will be applied as the top button on the jeans.  For those who chose button fly please choose which button you prefer from our four options.  

Rivet Options:
Rivets are typically applied to both front pockets and coin pocket. One pair of jeans typically comprise of six rivets, two around the left and right hand pockets, two more at the coin pocket.  Two additional rivets at each back pocket are optional and referred as hidden rivets. We let you select that later at Step 9.  Rivets are applied to areas of strain, helping hold the fabric together thereby making the jeans last longer. 

6.  Choose between 16 different stitching colors.

Coats quality thread is used on all our pairs we have 16 different thread colors for you to choose from. Mix and match thread colors to see which ones matches your personality the best. If you would like to select two colors on one pair, specify what colors in the additional comments sections.  The first color mentioned will be the main stitch color, the second color mentioned will he the secondary stitch color complimenting the first.  

7.  Choose your preferred pocket lining.

Pocket linings are a great way to add character to your pair of jeans.  Choose between four of our different pocket lining options.

8.  Coin Pocket Finishing

When it comes to coin pocket finishing we have four options for you to choose from.  The first two options are more traditional classic denim options.  
1.  Finished Edge comes with a hidden Selvedge ID.  
2.  Selvedge Edge is finished with a more bold exposed selvedge detail.  

The next two styles can be related to chinos and more formal classic work trousers.  Likely to be matched with classic chino front pockets on Step 11. 

9.  Choose between 7 back pocket styles.  

The back pockets are self explanatory as seen in the pictures below. When selecting your preferred back pockets note that these will be applied to the pockets behind your jeans.  

*Box pockets ideal placement is generally at the side of the pants, cargo style.  If you would like this as additional pockets at the side of your jeans please mention this in our ‘additional comments’ section.  For example you can select ‘classic pocket’ and in the additional comments sections mention ‘additional box pockets classic’ at side of jeans. 

10.  Choose how you would like the finishing of your back pockets.  Choose between hidden rivets or bar tagging.  

Hidden rivets - also known as back pocket rivets are inserted at the corner of each back pocket. This detail is revered among enthusiasts and can be found if you peek inside the jeans.  Like the front pockets the rivets applies here also help strengthen the back pockets adding longevity to your pair of jeans. Recommended to be applied to more sturdier pairs for a more comfortable wear experience. 

Bar Tagging - Used as a simpler technique to help strengthen points of weakness the bar tagging stitch is also effective when reinforcing stress points.  Applied to the same areas as rivets, stitched at the corner of each pocket.  Bar tagging is also used to protect the pair and help increase longevity for your pair of jeans. It brings forward a more subtle cleaner look when compared to rivets and is generally more suited to lighter weight fabrics.

11.  Back Pocket Designs:

Again, pictures below are quite self explanatory.  We have chosen 6 basic back pocket stitching designs for you to choose from.  Referred to as arcuate stitching, decorative back pocket designs are aplenty among world renowned denim labels.  Here are six different options for you to choose from.
*The first option ‘Nama Premium’ does not use any design stitching.  It’s a clean back pocket with corner selvedge detail only showcases on the right back pocket.  It’s our signature design on all Premium Series jeans.   

12. Front Pocket Options

Choose between your front pocket options.  We have two types for you to choose from:
Classic Jean: Is your standard denim style pocket as seen on majority of five pocket jeans. 
Classic Chino: Is a more formal style as compared to your classic jean option.  Features two side pockets.

13. Delivery Time

10-14 Days / Free Express Shipping Worldwide!
With each pair crafted especially for you one pair at a time, we can guarantee that each pair is made by one craftsman to the best of their abilities every time.  An order placed today will be shipped to you in 10-14 days or faster depending on how busy we are at that time.  We provide free express shipping worldwide, an order tracking number will be sent to you once we have completed and shipped out your pair.  Photos of the pair will be sent to you for your reference by email.
Ok now go ahead and start crafting your own jeans here