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Denim Care Guide

Nama Denim provides you with denim in its purest form. These Jeans will mold and change according to your body and lifestyle. Our denim is raw and has not been washed after the indigo dying process. there is no fixed rule on how to take care of your jeans but this is what we recommend:


We recommend you first wash your jeans after 6 month of daily wear. your first wash will depend on your activity level and while wearing your jeans and frequency of use.


Wash separately. Fill a tub with lukewarm water and add detergent that works with dark colours. Do not use bleaches or harsh detergent.


Turn your jeans inside out and soak flat for 45 minutes. Make sure the jeans are totally submerged.


After 45 minutes, remove jeans and rinse with cool water to get rid of excess detergent.


Hang dry and enjoy your Nama Denim!

*Indigo is a natural dye that may stain light colours