Our Story

Fresh, rare, raw.

It's what we stand for and what inspired us to start Nama Denim in 2013. In Japanese "nama" means fresh, rare or raw. Our designs are fresh, our quality is rare and our denim, well you know.

Three generations of expertise.

The right fabric is the beginning of great style. With a family history of textile trading and manufacturing across Asia, we knew we wanted our brand to be based on excellent materials.

Japanese raw materials, vintage American machines, Heritage design aesthetic.

Our perspective is a unique one: Indian ancestry, Thai and Japanese raised, US and Australian educated. And we bring this perspective to the style and production of Nama Denim.

Our fabrics are sourced directly from Japanese mills. Our production and design studio is located in downtown Bangkok. Everything is manufactured in-house on vintage sewing machines we've collected from the US, Japan and Thailand.

What makes Nama Denim unique.

Thanks to our experience in textiles and manufacturing we are able to control our entire supply chain. That means our quality goes beyond your average pair of globally branded raw denims, but our price tag doesn't come near it.

But we don't want to just tell you about it. Check out our latest models of raw denim and see for yourself.